Output Glances onto a headless server

So you have a headless Ubuntu server, but it does have a screen? How do you output Glances to the screen without connecting a keyboard?

First wake the screen up
sudo sh -c 'echo -ne "\033[9;0]" >/dev/tty0'
and now send Glances to it

sudo sh -c 'glances > /dev/tty0'
Drop this inside a screen and it will keep running when you disconnect.

Ionic Creator onto an Apple Device using a Mac

Create your app on Ionic Creator website ( )

Use the export to download the ZIP file.

Drop to Terminal.

Move to your development folder.

ionic start --v1 [project name]
cd [project name]
mv www
mkdir www
cd www
unzip [ionic] .
mv ../scss/ ../scss/
cp SCSS-MOVEME/ ../scss/
cd ..
npm installnpm install @ionic/cloud-angular --save
cp node_modules/@ionic/cloud/dist/bundle/ www/lib

cp [Splash Screen.png] resources/splash.png
cp [App Icon.png] resources/icon.png
ionic resources --icon
ionic resources --splash

If you are using the YouTube in Creator, add <allow-navigation href="*://**"> after <access origin="*"> in config.xml to include iFrames for YouTube videos.

ionic serve
ionic emulate ios

open platforms/ios/[project name].xcodeproj/

The Matrix is old enough to watch The Matrix

"The Matrix" released today in 1999 was Keanu Reeves playing the roll of a human stuck inside a world that does not exist.

This iconic movie hit the cinemas with a R rating, making it not suitable for anyone under 18.

Well, today "The Matrix" turns 18 and can now go watch "The Matrix".

Happy birthday "The Matrix"!!!

Web Based Real Time Maps

So for some reason you have a spare monitor and you are looking for some interesting to show onto it. Seems one can find a number of real time maps in the Internet showing anything from Internet attacks to wind speeds.

Here, in no particular order, is some examples...

Norse Attack Map

Kaspersky Cyberthreat Real-Time Map

Fortinet Threatmap

Lookingglass Threat Map

And then for some random things...

IIHF World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend Gauteng South Africa

Our girls from all over Gauteng South Africa with Trudie Coetzee in the middle.
Our girls with the coaches.

Full Photo Album For Day 1...

Full Photo Album For Day 2...

Ice Hawks vs Sabres u/12 Ice Hockey

Played Sunday 24th of July 2016 at Foresthill Mall...

Full Photo Album...

Forest Knights vs Vipers U/12 Ice Hockey

Played Sunday 24th of July 2016 at Foresthill Mall...

Full Photo Album...