Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Freevo on Fedora Core 9

So I desided to build a new HTPC with the latest software I could find. Downloaded the FC9 ISO, burned and did a vanilla installation.

I did do all the updates using:

yum update and yum upgrade

before I started.

Then downloaded the Freevo source tar ball ( You can leave the other files from because they are availble in the distribution.

The following command should do most of the dependancies:

yum install python-devel python-kaa-base python-kaa-imlib2 python-kaa-metadata python-BeautifulSoup python-twisted

This needs to be done manually: - Download, untar and run "python install"

Now untar the Freevo source and run "python install". She should install without errors.

Now we need the players. Mplayer is not part of the standard distro, so run the following to get access to the repository:

rpm -ivh

Now we can install the rest:

yum install mplayer mencoder tvtime xine lsdvd

You should now have a very basic working Freevo.

ProxMox Unprivileged LXC containers USB Drive

Some quick notes on bind mounting under ProxMox and getting the permissions right. Reference -