Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Installing Windows Vista Ultimate on Toshiba Portege M400

So I'm going to try to make this work, again. My running Windows XP Tablet Edition is now very slow, so I need the format.

Most important step for me, is have another machine on the Internet. Here I'm using my desktop. Always check that I have the latest files in the links in this How-To.

I'm using the support site at

1. RAID Driver: Download and unzip onto USB stick the RAID driver at Vista will not see the drive without this.

2. BIOS: Update the BIOS. If you have a running Windows, download and run from Windows the file at If you do not, good luck.....

3. Boot from Vista DVD: I'm using the Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1. Change the boot drive using F10 in the BIOS update restart. "Press any key to boot from CD/DVD". Do the licensing stuff and region selections. I suggest you disable the automatic activation, in case this does not work for you and you would like to go back to Windows XP. You will have 30 days to activate. At the drive setup select additional driver and browse to the USB stick from step 1. You should not see the drive. I do not believe in upgrades, so I just deleted the partition and selected next.

4. Installing Windows: Takes about 15 minutes. Normal minutes or Microsoft Minutes? Who knows?

5. Setup Windows: Set your name and password. Choose a name for the machine. Set time and time zone settings. Windows will now check the machine performance. This takes another 5 minutes. You should then be able to logon and get the desktop.

6. Drivers Installation: Here I'm following the guide from Toshiba's site. The one at Some of these I do not even use, so I skip them and will make comments. I also first ran the Windows Update which included some drivers:

a. Display Driver: Setup.exe included. Restart.
b. Sound Driver: Cannot find but audio seems to work. Updated from Windows Update.
c. Touchpad: but Touchpad is working.
d. Modem Driver: but Modem is working. I picked the UK one for SA.
e. WiFi Atheros: Not sure what this is. I do not see this device.
f. WiFi Intel: Installed with Vista and working.
g. WiFi Key: Never used this, so I'm skipping this.
h. Bluetooth: Some licensing and other notices so cannot give direct link. Just run the file.
i. Flashmedia: Working so I'm leaving this.
j. RAID Util: Value added package requires this. Unzip and run the update application. Restart.
k. Value Added: Unzip and run the setup.exe. I did a complete setup. Restart
l. Button Support:
m. SD Utilies: Never used this, so I'm skipping this.
n. SD Boot: Never used this, so I'm skipping this.
o. HDD Protection: Part of Windows Update.
p. Tablet PC Ext.: Unzip and run the setup. Restart.
q. Config Free: Vista has something like this?
r. Mic Effect: Cannot find this.
s. Tablet Access Code: I've never used this.
t. Security Assist: I hope Vista has good enough security.
u. DVD Player: Part of Vista.
v. Ulead DVD Movie Factory: I do not try and make DVD's on my notebook.
w. Acoustic Silencer: I just keep the DVD drive empty. Helps with battery life as well.
x. Disc Creator: Cannot find this but I use InfraRecorder.
y. Acrobat: Very old version. Download latest from Adobe site and install.
z. Trusted Platform Module Guide: Cannot find this.
aa. Trusted Platform Module: Unzip and run the setup.
bb. Fingerprint Utility: Unzip and run the setup.

Novatel GSM Modem Setup:

Go to and search for "Novatel Wireless Mobile Broadband". Download the latest version of the driver for Vista. Unzip and run the "ToshibaDriver" application. Complete the installation.

Go to and search for "Toshiba RF Power Control Utility". Download the latest version of the driver for Vista. Unzip and run the "ToshibaDriver" application. Complete the installation.

Mobilink I found at Download and unzip. Run the MLGeneric application. Complete the installation.

ProxMox Unprivileged LXC containers USB Drive

Some quick notes on bind mounting under ProxMox and getting the permissions right. Reference -