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Skillie Skilpad

- Ry 200km Oudsthoorn toe - R370 om by Cango Wildlife Center in te kom - Leeus, Luiperde, Cheetas, Krokidille en Slange
En wat onthou hulle?

Oom Jurie the Eggdrop Bot

- Wanted to work on some WUG related feedback in the IRC channels. Things like signal quality for a Nick. - Wanted a way to log all conversations on the IRC channels. - Eggdrop is the BOT of choice in the WUG, so had to make it work. - The only way to get to know IRC, is to automate IRC.
Ubuntu and "apt-get install eggdrop", and then the fun starts. Getting the config file right so that the thing starts is the first mission. The best here is to following the guide at
Now the thing starts, but what now?
Ok, I found many guides to connect, get the bot to say things, but nothing simple to get me started on the TCL, so here is my help on this.
Figure out the location of the scripts, and add the following script file as greeting.tcl:
set flood-join 0:0 set onjoinchan "#general" putlog "Greeting loaded....." bind join - * greeting proc greeting {nick uhost hand channel args} { global onjoinchan greet howtell if {(([lsearch -ex…

Pa se reels

'n Bottel brandewyn + 'n Hilux Bakkie + 2 Blou Bulle =

GPS Visualizer

Found the GPS Visualizer website while looking for a way to convert Google KML files to Garmin GPX files. I wanted to get the highsites for the Pretoria WUG onto my Garmin GPS so that I could find them when visiting friends and family.
The site offers conversion between major versions of GPS data, and also a very handy little tool to create an images file of the input data.
This image is of the Pretoria WUG Highsites.

Pretoria WUG - LINUX Mirrors

I've been on the Pretoria WUG for a couple of months now, and only today found the best reason ever to do this. I've got to reload my wives SugarCRM server onto new hardware, and also decided to move from Fedora Core to Ubuntu.

Now the installation CD is only a 640Mb download, but now you want to add Ubuntu Desktop to get X, add another 1.2Gb to the download. Now in the no-WUG days, this would have been on my ADSL line, at a very high cost.

Not with the WUG! Thanks to the guys who added a local Ubuntu Mirror. I installed the CD, changed the application source settings and ran the "aptitude install ubuntu-desktop" command, and while it is downloading at no charge, I'm writing this blog!

Well done guys, and to the Linux users out there, GET ON THE WUG!!!!

For more detail, visit

Exchange 2003 SP2 SPAM Filter - The Quick Guide

Online Sources:
Backscatter (e-mail) - DNSBL - - Barracuda Reputation Block List (BRBL) -
Exchange Server Changes:
Exchange System Manager -> Global Settings -> Internet Message Formats -> Default * -> Properties -> Advanced -> Disable "Allow non-delivery reports"
Exchange System Manager -> Global Settings -> Message Delivery -> Properties
Sender Filtering -> Enable "Filter messages with blank sender" Sender Filtering -> Enable "Drop connection if address matches filter"
Connection Filtering -> Add:
Display Name: DNS Suffix of Provider: Custom Error: The IP address %0 was rejected by the Realtime Block List provider %2.
Display Name: Barracuda Reputation Block List (BRBL) DNS Suffix of Provider: Custom Error: The IP address %0 was rejected…

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Charles en Tineke Quinn.
Hoop dit gaan die beste jaar nog vir julle wees en dat julle grootste droom waarheid gaan word!!!
Ons almal dink aan julle en wens julle net voorspoed toe vir die volgende jaar.
Die Else van


So gister besluit ons toe nou om 'n Wii te koop, vir die kinders. Ja pappa en mamma sal ook speel, maar ons se maar dis vir die girls.
Ek het die Dion Wired advertensie gesien, so ons het daar begin, maar hulle was uit stock uit. Toe maar gou PnP probeer, maar hulle het net die een wat 2 ekstra games by het, en dan 'n duisend rand meer is. Toe oorgestap na Toy Zone, maar hulle ook uit stock uit. Die laaitie by Toy Zone noem toe dat Toys-R-Us enige prys sal wen, so toe skiet ons soontoe.
Die prys op die rak is toe nou die goedkoopste teen R2990 vir die masjien. Maar mens hoes nog 'n verdere R1040 vir die 2de remote en Numchuck, want soos enige console, kom die ding net met 1 stel.
En wat dink ons? Wel Beatrix het my gewen met die 10 pin bowling, maar hulle vang nie die ander games nie. Die ding is die reflekse is nognie daar nie. Om te reageer op 'n bal wat geslaan moet word, is nognie heeltemal in plek nie. Darem is die 10 pin bowling en golf nie reaksie sport nie, maar e…

Host for free - ZA NIC, EveryDNS and Google Apps

Had another look at this question of hosting for free, and here is the step by step guide for hosting using for free.

DNS Hosting:

First we need to check if the domain is available. Surf on over to and use the Whois tool to check availability. If you've found one that is availble, surf on over to and add the new domain. A placeholder will be created, leave this for now.

Now go back to and register your new domain. If all went right, you should get a mail from to confirm registration. They do not send any notification and it took 4 working days. You can monitor the progress under "queue status".

Google Apps Hosting:

Please Note: I jump through these steps, put please read the notices carefully so you understand what you do and do not get.

Now we register with Google. Surf on over to and select "See details and sign up" and then "Standard edition".

Ensure you se…


The story of the SA Special Forces – the Recces

The book will soon be available from the author only. The book contains 416 pages, is well illustrated with over 820 photographs; of which many are being published for the first time!

Pre-orders for first print can be made now. Payment to be made to the account indicated.

Proof of payment, postal address of payee, name of person to whom the book must be autographed and email/contact details is required.

The book can be ordered at the price of R290 (add R20 postage - local).

Please visit for details, or e-mail Paul Els at


GOM Encoder is a very powerfull media transcoder. It will transcode any video that the GOM player can play, which is about everything.

The transcoder is light, fast and very easy to use. It includes many presents for many devices and does a very good job of transcoding.

The application is shown as demo, but full license costing cannot be found. The demo copy works 100% and only adds a small watermark to the first 10 seconds of the transcoded media.

As a 3.3Mb download, I suggest everybody giving it a try.

Google Mail

Over the last couple of months, I've been more and more impressed with the Google Apps service and what it offers for anyone that would like to host his own domain on the Internet.

Now the people at Gmail has added offline support and Sync.

It's amazing to know how many people still rely on analogue dialup to get and send mail. Web based mail services are nor ideal for these connections, seeing that you pay per minute while reading and replying to mail. Now you can use some clever caching features in the Internet browser to cache the mail and read them while not connected.

In the past, one would have to rely on some or other offline reader, like Outlook Express of Mozilla Firebird, to ensure you do not spend to much time online. The problem with these applications are theft and failure. Wen your machine gets stolen of breaks, all the mail is gone. Forever!

Now with offline caching, you can get the best of both worlds. Read mail while not paying per minute for the phone call and st…

Ongulumbashe – Where the Bushwar began by Paul Els

Published by Reach Publishers, Wandsbeck, KwaZulu-Natal.

The author is a retired Warrant-Officer (Class 1) of the former South African Defence Force.

This eyewitness account is a must for the serious collector and researcher of the revolutionary wars in Southern Africa. This book describes the first clash that took place between elements of the South African police, army and air force on the one side and SWAPO's Plan soldiers on the other side.

The foreword was written by a former Commander of the Security Branch in SWA and a Commissioner of the SA Police, General J.V. ‘Johan’ van der Merwe while the epilogue is written by former Chief SADF General J.J. ‘Jannie’ Geldenhuys.

The Book contains 290 pages and is well illustrated with photographs; many are published for the first time! The book also describes how members of the Security Branch of the SA Police infiltrated the area as employees of PASCO ostensibly a private company. (The name PASCO is derived from South African Police = SA…

SBS 2003 and Windows XP Pro RESOLVED

"Event ID: 1054
Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name for your computer network. (The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted. ). Group Policy processing aborted."

I had WINS configured in my DHCP server, with no WINS server.