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Host for free - ZA NIC, EveryDNS and Google Apps

Had another look at this question of hosting for free, and here is the step by step guide for hosting using for free.

DNS Hosting:

First we need to check if the domain is available. Surf on over to and use the Whois tool to check availability. If you've found one that is availble, surf on over to and add the new domain. A placeholder will be created, leave this for now.

Now go back to and register your new domain. If all went right, you should get a mail from to confirm registration. They do not send any notification and it took 4 working days. You can monitor the progress under "queue status".

Google Apps Hosting:

Please Note: I jump through these steps, put please read the notices carefully so you understand what you do and do not get.

Now we register with Google. Surf on over to and select "See details and sign up" and then "Standard edition".

Ensure you se…