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Toshiba Tecra S11-11Z

What a beautiful machine! I've now had mine for a week and I can say I'm loving it.

This Intel i7, 4Gb RAM, 320Gb HDD, 15.6" LED 16:9, Nvidia Quadro 512Mb, HSDPA & GPS with Windows 7 64bit machine does everything an I want. For work and play!

Little things like a serial port for router setups and eSATA port for file transfers just makes this machine productive and fun.

I've added Microsoft Office 2010 Professional for business use and Vistumbler for war driving.

I can say disappointing is the screen resolution is up to 1600x900 which is not 1080p(i) HD (1920x1080) and the fact that it ships with a DVD RW drive is a bit pointless today. Also while running WiFi scanning and GPS, the battery only last about an hour. And while still have that little button mouse in the middle of the keyboard?

Overall, a great machine and priced very well with included 3 year warranty,

I highly recommend this machine for the serious IT professional.


  1. ugh .... great if you run Windows, I'm trying to install FreeBSD on mine ... I have to update the BIOS ... can only be done by Windows


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