Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Let's Talk Geek Show 18

Again a brilliant show again, that was live on Ustream and NetCaster. We had a couple of people in the IRC chat and here are this links from the show and IRC: - Liquid Lights (Tim) - Movies Infographics Collection (Tim) - Tonights guest ( @singe ) and his declaration.... - ZaCon scheduled for 9 October 2010 at University of Joburg. Videos from last years event at (Dominic) - The Google Wave Protocol. (Els) - Test and train your addblocker & - "makes him a Dalai Llama of computers." (Dominic)

Cell C's new CEO - (Quintin)

Tim is looking at dating sites -

Thanks guys.

ProxMox Unprivileged LXC containers USB Drive

Some quick notes on bind mounting under ProxMox and getting the permissions right. Reference -