Sunday, 28 November 2010

Image Composite Editor

Went out on the 2010 Toy Run today and came back with some photos I would like to stitch together:

Normally, a mission of note, but then I tried Image Composite Editor from Microsoft Research.

I dragged and dropped the four images into the software and it gave me the following FULLY automated:

Give it a bash.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

g|south africa day 2

Day started with a couple of repeat presentations from the previous day.

Google Maps:

From the Google Maps presentation Chewy gave us some new samples:

Google Places - - make sure your company is listed to show up as part of search results.
Walk Score - - site that shows dynamic map API calls
London Metropolitan Police Service - - site uses maps to show crime trends in the London area.

Find more on the maps API at -

Google Insights:

Google Insights for Search - - see how your search results are working.

Google Youtube:

The Youtube presentation showed some brilliant Youtube features:
- Voice recognition to subtitles
- Realtime translations of sub titles
- Youtube now has a team in SA

and the samples:
Gardyn -
BBC2 Wave -
The hunt for Gollum -
Old Spice -
Guy walks across America -
Will it blend? -
Nike Basketball Lebron Rise -
Chrome Speed Test -
Tiger Woods '08 Jesus Walk - followed by Tiger Woods '09 Walk on water - redirects into a Youtube Channel.

More info at

Google Website Optimizer:

Google Apps:

Thanks Google for a great event...... get there downloads at

Monday, 8 November 2010

g|south africa day 1

Day one at g|south africa was great, but some more technical info would have been good.

Not a total waste of time, here are some of the exciting links I picked up on:

Ushahidi - - was mentioned as a virtual crowd sourcing services.

SocialWok - - fully Google App Engine integrated sample site

Google Web Toolkit - - Google's Java Script development environment

Google Code Playground - - play and test all the Google code in a simple view

Google Maps Elevation - - Google Maps now includes elevation information

flightwise Flight Tracking in 3D -

Picasaweb App -

AdMob - - add ad's to any mobile application

Real Time Web Analytics - - get realtime site information

See you all in the morning.

Cono Holiday Flats

This past weekend we had the opportunity to stay in this lovely flat in Amanzimtoti, Durban. Yes, it was over the same weekend as the Curry Cup Final, but our team was out of the running, so did not bother me in the slightest.

The flat is located right on the beach of Amanzimtoti and sleeps 6/7 people. It is on the 17th floor with a >180 degrees view of the Kwa Zulu Natal coastline. Fully furnished including bedding, microwave, fridge and box freezer, tumble dryer, TV & DSTV decoder. Secure basement parking and storage for trailers rounded of the stay.

With a SPUR in the next block, and a Shoprite Checkers within walking distance, everything is right there. Amanzimtoti also offers a very good Funland which offers 10 pin bowling, games arcade, bumper cars and restaurant.

For more details please visit

ProxMox Unprivileged LXC containers USB Drive

Some quick notes on bind mounting under ProxMox and getting the permissions right. Reference -