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g|south africa day 2

Day started with a couple of repeat presentations from the previous day.

Google Maps:

From the Google Maps presentation Chewy gave us some new samples:

Google Places - - make sure your company is listed to show up as part of search results.
Walk Score - - site that shows dynamic map API calls
London Metropolitan Police Service - - site uses maps to show crime trends in the London area.

Find more on the maps API at -

Google Insights:

Google Insights for Search - - see how your search results are working.

Google Youtube:

The Youtube presentation showed some brilliant Youtube features:
- Voice recognition to subtitles
- Realtime translations of sub titles
- Youtube now has a team in SA

and the samples:
Gardyn -
BBC2 Wave -
The hunt for Gollum -
Old Spice -
Guy walks across America -
Will it blend? -
Nike Basketball Lebron Rise -
Chrome Speed Test -
Tiger Woods '08 Jesus Walk - followed by Tiger Woods '09 Walk on water - redirects into a Youtube Channel.

More info at

Google Website Optimizer:

Google Apps:

Thanks Google for a great event...... get there downloads at


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