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Welcome to the First Post

I am going to try my hand at this blogging thing, with one specific subject in mind, the subject of camping... with  a caravan.

As a family of 5, with 3 children Beatrix (5), Elize (3) and Paul (1) and a Sprite Swing Caravan, it poses a interesting set of challenges. Firstly and MOST importantly a camping weekend needs to have a camp site that caters for the busy bodies on all levels, with a “safe” playing environment such as a jungle gym with out rusted nails sticking out or wood splinter’s due to deterioration.

So for the year of 2011 our aim is to find some of these nice camping places by going camping one weekend out of every month, including the winters :-)

This blog is to share some of our experiences and if there are less that fantastic, at least the campsite will be reviewed having our family dynamics in mind for any interested party out there is cyberspace.

Firstly I need to state for the record, camping with a caravan is a way of life it is not the poor man’s choice due to being…

Let's Talk Geek Show

And again, some of the cool links in the IRC channel uring the show.

MobileMonday -

Switch Modular Pocket Knife -

Pool and Bowling -

Go -

Chess and Boxing -

IBM and the Jeopardy Challenge -

Bandsawing -

Bottom Up Beer Dispenser -

Finding Satellites

A couple of resources are available online to help finding satellites. The most comprehensive being DishPointer ( ).

With this interactive mapping service, you can select the desired satelitte add your location and get the direction and elevation of the satellite you require.

Dish alignment with Dishpointer
Futher information regarding programs on the satellite can be obtained from and

But the scary information is at

UPDATE: Another brilliant site is SatBeams ( ). This site uses Google Maps to overlay footprints and has a database of channel information.

Android x86 / LiLi / VirtualBox

I started a debate yesterday at the Android Developers Day around Android or Google O/S for my Netbook. Now with a good selection on Android tablets coming out, I understand that would be a good option, but I already have the netbook.
With no way to "test" the new Google O/S, all I can do is test Android on x86 and make some assumptions.
My netbook needs an O/S that would be quick and lightweight.
I've tried Ubuntu Remix ( and JoliCloud ( but have settled on Windows 7 Pro on my Acer Aspire One Netbook. Additionally installed Microsoft Security Essentials, Chrome Browser, 1Password and World of Warcraft. I do everything in Chrome, but for the occasional additional applications required, the Standard Suite from adds what I need (
All of this works well, but sometimes feels to much. I just want to quickly reply to a message in Gmail, and my keyboard on my m…