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Welcome to the First Post

I am going to try my hand at this blogging thing, with one specific subject in mind, the subject of camping... with  a caravan.

As a family of 5, with 3 children Beatrix (5), Elize (3) and Paul (1) and a Sprite Swing Caravan, it poses a interesting set of challenges. Firstly and MOST importantly a camping weekend needs to have a camp site that caters for the busy bodies on all levels, with a “safe” playing environment such as a jungle gym with out rusted nails sticking out or wood splinter’s due to deterioration.

So for the year of 2011 our aim is to find some of these nice camping places by going camping one weekend out of every month, including the winters :-)

This blog is to share some of our experiences and if there are less that fantastic, at least the campsite will be reviewed having our family dynamics in mind for any interested party out there is cyberspace.

Firstly I need to state for the record, camping with a caravan is a way of life it is not the poor man’s choice due to being unable to afford chalet or hotel pricing, it is something that IF the camping bug (:-) has bitten you it is always something you long for or there is always the next camping session on the horizon.

The first camping weekend has been penciled into the family calendar and as at present the plans are to go to Omaramba in the North West province. (Based on their website description and photo gallery this seems to be the IDEAL camping site for families.  Here is to holding thumbs that it will be as idyllic as …. a piña colada with an umbrella tucked into the pineapple.)

Off to plan the menu, to ensure that there is minimal effort involved come the weekend and maximum contributions from all including the kids being able to make their own food.

Other sites investigated but still needing to be confirmed with the camping committee (my husband) are in order of the closest travel time:

1. Omaramba, north west past britz
2. Lover's Rock, Magaliesberg
3. Klein Pardys, outside Brits
4. Mbizi, Bela Bela
5. Mabalingwe Nature Reserve, Bela Bela
6. Sondela, Bela Bela
7. Atlanta Holiday Resort, Brits
8. SanChalen, Bela Bela
9. Forever Resorts Warmbaths, Bela Bela
10. El Rancho Grande, Bela Bela
11. Bakgatla Resort, Pilanesberg

If there are any specific aspects of the campsites you want reviewed please let know and will take it accordingly.

Friendly Camp shake



  1. this is GREAT!!! Well done for the first one mom!!
    Camping Aunt


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