Pretoria WUG Wierdamall Highsite (mobile post)

Today I spent a good part of the morning at the Pretoria WUG Wierdamall Highsite. This highsite is located on the roof of the office block for Wierdamall.
This site is assembled on a 9m tower and comprises of 2x RB433 boards servicing users onto 4 sectors, 1x RB493 to handle routing and QoS and 4x Rocket dishes for backbone links into and out of the site.
The main thing we changed was the layout of the sectors. Up to now, expantion was done horizontily causing partial overlapping. We now changed it vertically. We placed two sector antennas on top of each other, covering the same area on another frequency. Horizontal overlapping is kept to a minimum.
Feedback from users are already very positive an we will see what happens under load.
This is why I joined the WUG, to learn. Here one can make drastic changes and monitor the result, learning from the outcome. Feedback from users might be lacking, but reading between the lines helps.