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WhatsApp (mobile post)

The ultimate mobile instant messenger, and no other way to put it!

I had two friends (thanks Wally and Louis) say I should try it, but they couldn't give me a good enough reason but that it works on BB. Well, here are some good reasons from Android's view.

Contact list is build from the numbers in you address book, or people in the case of Android. On registration it send a SMS from your mobile to confirm your registration. It then runs the numbers in your addressbook against other registrations and builds the contact list. No adding people in another IM application, just refresh the list and off you go! Contact links also works on the Android.

Group chat is awesome. Now build groups to chat to easily and quick. Organize a braai quickly with the chicks and guys in one conversation.

Attach things to the chat, quick and easy. Photo, video or sound from camera or library. Current location from GPS or contact card from contacts.

Delivery and read confirmation. Something that is apparently on BBM, but just works wonders when in use. Now see that someone did get the message and is ignoring you!

Conversations to platforms that do not have it. If you've never had conversation based mail or SMS, you are missing out big time. This application shows what live should be like conversation based.

Overall, I'm impressed and can strongly recommend this application to everyone.

Have fun chatting on a new level and stop SMS'ing me!


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