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Tablet Deals Compared

I received the latest specials on Thursday, and have updated the table.

The HTC Flyer seems to be the best value for money of all the deals.

Click to image to get to the Google Doc version.

HTC Bootloaders

27th May 2011 sow a memorable event happening in the world of consumers versus big corporate.

A couple of weeks ago, HTC announced that they would be locking the bootloader down of the Android mobile devices to make rooting even more difficult. Rooting Android devices have not been difficult, but it also has not been strait forward. One would use some sort of exploit to gain the root access required to replace the bootloader. By changing the bootloader of the device, you are able to tell the phone to start into a different version of Android, rather than the HTC version.

Sparked by the lockdown announcement, the community responded with Twitter, Facebook and mail campains, directly towards HTC. With webpages giving the e-mail addresses to senior execs in HTC and asking community to mail them directly with petitions not open up the bootloader.

Well, HTC listened and posted on their community page:

This proofs that the community can make a difference, or does it?

How open would it be? Op…