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Kersfees / Christmas

Op die pragtige oggend wil ons almal 'n Gese├źnde Kersfees toewens.Mag jou drome bewaarheid word soos die van 'n kind op Kersfees oggend. Groete en liefde, Johan, Annerie, Beatrix, Elize en Paul.*******On this beautiful morning we wish everyone a Blessed Christmas. May you dreams come true like those of a child on Christmas morning. Love and greetings,Johan, Annerie, Beatrix, Elize and Paul.

Lego Brickfair 2012 Photos

The yearly Lego Brickfair in Gauteng held over the weekend of 24 & 25 November 2012 was again outstanding. Held in the undercover parking for Irene Village Mall made sure the rainy weather had no impact on the fair.
Entrance was free and exhibitors had hired tables to exhibit on. Visitors where asked to vote for the best table for a grand price of R10 000 to the table with the most votes.

100 Jarige bestaan van die Weermag in Suid Afrika erediens

Die erediens is gehou in NG Kerk Valhalla die 18de November 2012. Ons het die diens lewendig uitgesaai na die Internet en het 11 mense gehad wat die diens so gekyk het.

Hier is die opname van die diens.

Ek het die fotos hier gelaai.

Rooihuiskraal Laerskool Graad 1 Meriete Oggend

Multiple Google Drives and Shared Storage

Having personal and company Google Drives have been a nightmare to manage and trying to decide where a file should be, also caused a headache on its own. Also the Google Drive client software only supports 1 account so only one account was being made available offline on my machine.

While doing some research for our company to increase our Google Drive Storage ( ), I figured out that shared storage do not count against your personal storage.

What this means is when somebody shares a folder with you, all the files in that area does not count against your storage allocation. You can access those files and even add to that area without it counting against your personal allocation.

What I then did was created new folders in the two company accounts ( johan@m and johan@t ), shared those with my personal account and moved everything into the respective folders.

While in the web interface, select the shared folder and click the "Add to My Drive&…

PicasaWEB Portfolio in Blogger

Let me start by thanking Louis van Rensburg and Tim Haak for helping me on this one.

The original start information came from Blogger Xpertise -

You want to start by ensuring you have the JQuery Java code in your Blogger instance.

Now, editing the HTML part of a Blogger template can make everything break, so be sure to keep copies of the code somewhere save. It is also not totally dangerous as you can restore the template version anytime.

Edit the Blogger template: -> Template -> Edit HTML -> Read the warning -> Proceed -> and tick the "Expand Widget Templates"

Part 1:

</b:template-skin><script src='' type='text/javascript'/><script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

Part 2:

</head><body expr:class='&quot;loading&am…

reCAPTCHA for House Numbers

Noticed yesterday, but really looked today. I was posting a comment on a friends Blog ( ) when I noticed that the "Please prove you're not a robot" is presenting house numbers.
The reCAPTCHA ( ) service from Google has been used in the past to help with the OCR process of the scanned books which I mentioned it in episode 87 of Let's Talk Geek at,etags_live_and_the_Mass_Effect_3_ending_:LTG_Episode_87
But now I notice they are using it for house numbers? How brilliant is that?!
I can hear the conspiracy theorists running away with this one! But for me, if this helps finding the damn address I'm looking for, then good fro Google! Have you seen how city councils count when assigning house numbers?

5 Top Reasons to have a Social Media Presence

Listed below are my 5 top reasons to have a Social Media Presence for any business. Saying "Everybody has a social media presence and therefor you must also have one" sounds extreme however if you can further promote your business with the potential to engage hundreds of thousands new customers would it not be unwise, not to do so.

1. Cool factor!  ~ Just kidding.  With the evolution of Social Media, not having a business page on a social platform, specifically Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter for example, means that you are missing out on engaging existing and potential customers.  These platforms have "come alive" with a personality of their own and are second to Google-ing or Bing-ing. The platforms are used to search for your business and to get to know more about it. With the present growth rate, not having a social presence is detrimental to your business
2.  Generate extra Traffic: As mentioned in a previous post a social presence is about driving peo…

NVSD Show Time 2012

Who Els brings Social Media to you

Why Social Media through Who-Els? Social Media is the umbrella term used to describe websites where people and businesses can interact on a more relaxed informal social platform and exchange thoughts, ideas and other interesting bit of information.

Social Media’s most well known culprits are Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Your website is your main showcase of products on the internet. The whole reasoning behind Social media is to drive traffic to your website. So by using the platforms mentioned above in specific ways, it results in making your business more visible and increasing awareness of your brand and products. More awareness about your brand and products, when utilized correctly, will lead to more sales of your products.

By creating a Social Presence you are creating a communication platform for clients to exchange ideas and provide feedback on your products. Furthermore you are providing an opportunity for customers reviews to promote your prod…

Rage 2011 Videos

Rage 2011 Photos

Here are some of the photos we took at rAge Expo 2011.

Most where taken on mobile phones, but you should get the idea of the size of this expo.

3 Top Reasons to go Social!

Not so many years ago the big buzz was web pages. If you did not have a web page your business was doomed! Almost the same rings true of a Social Media Presence.

What is Social Media?
Is a website that creates a platform which promotes social interaction between users enabling them to share photo's, videos, thoughts and information. Examples of this is Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram to name but a few.

Why should you have a social internet presence? Irrespective of whether you are a business or an individual, you need to have a social and web presence to enable you to convey information and converse with your clients.

Social Media is a great way to Drive traffic to your website Through your Social media you can post a short burst of information with a link back to your website providing more detailed information.

Social Media is just what it says - Social It gives your business the opportunity to connect with your customers or client's on a …

Rooihuiskraal Montessori School Sports Day (Videos)

Rooihuiskraal Montessori Sports Day

Commodore C64 Old & New

Most of us should have seen, used or even owned one the old Commodore products back in the day. If it was the VIC20, C64, C128 or even for some lucky ones, the AMIGA.

Well, Commodore USA is trying to make some sort of comback with a new Linux distrobution, trying to capture the joy of the old Commodore range. They are also building new chassis with modern components to look like the old units we came to love and enjoy.

The new version looks the same, feels the same, but is a modern PC running Linux.

Head over to for more details and download the Linux distro to experience the new Commodore OS.

Brainstorm EasySet 3D at IBC 2012

I stopped at the Brainstorm stand for the presentation on the EasySet 3D product. This is a Chroma key studio in a PC with advanced scripting to allow the scripting of a full show using many virtual and 3D elements as part of the show.

Nikon at IBC 2012

I had time today to stop at the Nikon IBC 2012 stand and here is what I found.

They mainly had the D4 and D800 on display, but they build this turntable in the middle of the stand with a stop animation out of Lego running on it.

By setting the camera frame rate to 25fps, the story unfolds in the viewfinder.

NATIV MioEverywhere

Walked past the stand and Jon Folland was busy doing some workflow setup in the MioEverywhere product, and the screen caught my attention.

This web based product takes care of most requirements for media management in media companies. The architecture based system has many opportunity for expansion and customization, still retaining a solid core.
The main features as defined by Jon:
- Windows based remote ingest client that validates input file and Meta data against rules defined in the system. Ensure that media submissions meet your minimum requirements. - The windows based client support restart and resume making it usable in low and unreliable bandwidth regions.
- FTP and mount point with folder monitoring is also supported.
Asset management
- Any submitted file is analised and media related information is stored in the fully searchable database. For example you are able to find media of a certain frame rate, length and aspect ratio. - META data information is added to the d…

Star Trek Google Doodle

I was greeted with a lovely little interactive Google Doodle this morning on the Google Search site. This is in celebration 46th birthday of the 1st Episode that aired on the 8th of September 1966.

The episode titled "The Man Trap" aired on NBC and kept going for 3 seasons and 79 episodes and got canceled due to low ratings. But the damage was done, planet earth now knew Star Trek and we would want more.

IBC 2012 Exhibition Opens

Waiting outside for the opening of IBC 2012. Looks like it will be a good turnout with hundreds of people queuing for registration. Like any good technical person, I've already done a WiFi scan and it is going to be fun to find a working one.

Enzo Birthday Party

Enzo Sim celebrated his 7th birthday in style at Honeydew Mazes on Saturday 25 August 2012. We could take the kids into the maze where secret gardens and other clues entertained all for a race to the finish.

Here are the photos I took.

Happy birthday Enzo

Got to have Android applications

As it is almost impossible to pick an order of importance, I'm just going to go alphabetically.

Firstly, if you have access to a desktop, rather use the web based Google Play Store to load these applications. Just so much easier. Log into the website with the same credentials (username and password) you used on the tablet.

Also see if you can get access to WiFi as some of these downloads are larger and could waste some data to get going the first time.

We also point out where additional login information might be required for the application. Creating these accounts while on the desktop is just easier. Start a little notepad document with the site, username and password and when you have your Evernote setup, create a note with the detail in there. Please do not use the same password for each site, so make them different - you are keeping notes. The only one you need to remember out of your head is Gmail and Evernote. born in Embroidery

Today I helped get my mothers Husqvarna Orchidea going again and after the kids got some designs, we added to two of my jackets.
This was done in this 4 minutes video on something still using a Windows 98 machine and a parallel port programmer.

The Windows support for this device is quite sketchy as you have to guess quite a bit to see if the newer software will still support the older hardware. Phoning agents are not an options as the standard response is to replace the machine.

Well here is good proof that the machine works fantastic and the software is the issue.

I will share my findings on how to use the old software on new machines.
Two YouTube videos after the break...

#PositivelySocial - 365 Days a year

Today is #PositivelySocial Day, I don't know the exact origin but find it an excellent sentiment. The motivation and concept behind #PositivelySocial should not be limited to a day, it should become an online philosophy and a viral one at that. 

When looking at the choice of the words in the Tag Line they are self explanatory 
#POSITIVELY - In a positive way, constructive or affirmative way, with optimism or confidence 
* SOCIAL - relating to society or its organization, Relating to or designed for activities in which people meet each other for pleasure

Today 14 August (6 months after Valentine's Day) has been suggested to promote as #PositivelySocial day on various Social Media Platforms, to bring awareness to internet users in respect of what they post and how they engage and respond when writing a Tweet, blogging, using Facebook or other forms of Social Media.

Thus it would be fair to say that maybe we all should get training on how to be #PositivelySocial, Frank outlines this …

Linux simple find samples

Find stays one of the most confusing Linux commands around. Here I want to simplify the most common ways of using find.

There is many an article out there, but I think they all go into to much detail. I just want to find some files, and do something with them. Also I cannot believe that people show samples using the rm command. What the?

Do you want n00bs to delete files from there servers?

All mine, I'm using ls, so nothing should go wrong.

Picasa Photos in Blogger

I've been working on ways to get photos from Picasa into my Blogger hosted website. The normal slideshow doesn't work for me as it takes the user away to the Picasaweb pages.

Also when you take photos in the volumes I do, adding them one by one also doesn't work.

I had a look at the Picasa API options from Google, and was able with this simple PHP script to at least generate HTML code for each photo in a Picasa album. Host this somewhere or local using WAMP server.

Find the user ID and album ID, feed it in and run the script. When the output looks like you want it, view source and copy from <table> to </table> into your Blogger post.

Water - A personal Crisis?

So, I awoke this morning ready to get up and face the day, just need to shower and do all the other tasks before making a cup of coffee and greeting the day. Guess what? No water.

We who live in settled suburbs with a good infrastructure, are use to having water. We open a tap and water “magically” comes out, as easy as boiling the kettle. Our idea of not having water is going on a camping trip where water is 5 steps away from our stand and then we proclaim we have been “roughing it”.

In Africa and even South Africa there are millions of people (the who do not have access to clean drinking water, let alone water itself. We all have seen media images of poor and less fortunate not having access to running water in their communities let alone in their homes.

Blogger versus Wordpress

A friend suggested using Wordpress as a good platform to host a static website on.

Both Blogger and Wordpress use a feature called pages. This is where you can do simple HTML code to be displayed as a static Web pages, make one of  these the default page for the sites, and suddenly you have a website and not a Blog.