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Lunchbox Challenge

For a Eureka moment, all one needs is a bit of silence and a focused mind.

Here we go... with my 3 "Els-cateers" all being in school having to pack an interesting lunchbox is quite a challenge, and one I am now planning to do (by way of delegation) with great gusto.  So this morning I embarked on making use of the WORLD WIDE WEB and in my Eureka moment and correct search phrases I found some wonderful and smashing Ideas.

Here is the plan:

  1. Make a list of Grouping of foods that a lunch box should contain
  2. Print clip art items to stick onto a magnet sheet
  3. Have the children pick out a day that they can choose what the lunchboxes will contain from each Food Group (by making use of the Clip art Magnets)
  4. Do the weekly shopping to accommodate the choices
  5. Have the Responsible child pack the lunchboxes for the following day.

The plan seems simple enough but it will probably need some refinement in it's execution :-)

Instead of republishing information which is already out there, at the bottom of the post are the links to the websites I have used to compile my information.  (If you would like me to forward you my End Results -> please email me or contact me through the blog)

My plans are to do posts on the successes and "potholes-to-avoid ". So do come and check in on the progress made.

Bye for now!

Website References:


Search: gesonde kosblik idees / healthy lunchbox ideas / sandwich cutters for kids 


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