Monday, 6 February 2012

Registering a domain

1. Find your domain:

Using the WhoIs tool at, find a domain name you like. Choose something you can say over a telephone, is always better.

2. Find a DNS provider:

You want a DNS provider, which is separate from your hosting provider. Even if you plan to use Google Apps, you will still need somebody to host the DNS with.

I’m using (paid service) and evaluating (free service). Both have there own pros and cons, so please do not take my word on your choice.

3. Add domain to DNS:

Add the domain you picked in Step 1 to the DNS provider you selected in Step 2. Record the Name Server (NS) information returned from the DNS provider.

4. Register the domain:

Download and complete the form at This form must be submitted as plain text, so change your e-mail editor to plain text. Also try and use multiple email addresses on different domains. To make changes to this entry, you need to be able to receive a mail.

1a: <- here you enter the name you selected
1b: N <- N for new registration
2a: Piet Pompies <- here you add the name of the person who will own the domain
2b: PO Box 12345, Some Town, Some Suburb, Some City, Some Country <- Obvious
2c: PO Box 12345, Some Town, Some Suburb, Some City, Some Country <- Yes, I stay in a PO box. Did you notice WhoIs is open? No security checks?
2e: I <- they email a nice invoice
2f: <- If you do not have a company needing an invoice
2g: <- Use something that already works, and will keep working. Do not use as this domain doesn’t have mail yet.
2i: PO Box 12345, Some Town, Some Suburb, Some City, Some Country <-I normally use the same as 2b
2j: +27.831234567 <- Again, no security to find this number, so pick carefully. Note the . in the number.
2k: +27.831181234567 <- FAX? Who still uses FAX? Note the . in the number.
2l: <- make this the person that owns this domain. If it is you, then could be the same as 2g.
2n: 45678901234 <- or whatever your VAT number is, if applicable
4a-g and 5a-g <- both these sections are strait forward. Again, try and keep this information deffirent from the information used before.

6a & 6e & 6i & 6m & 6q are the information you took down at 3 when you added the domain to DNS. You only need 2, but if they give you more enter them all.

Now mail this completed form to (And CC your client if you are not the client). If you got it right, you will get the invoice and “New domain added” mails back. If not, they will let you know what is wrong.

5. Done:

You are done, and can now proceed to hosting.

Google Apps Free Edition ( ) is a good start.

ProxMox Unprivileged LXC containers USB Drive

Some quick notes on bind mounting under ProxMox and getting the permissions right. Reference -