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Dropbox Space Increase

Got this very nice message from Dropbox this morning. My storage has been increased to 22.2Gb!

To date you could earn up to a total of 10.25Gb of storage using the Dropbox referral program. This was by increments of 250Mb per person that successfully joins, after your referral. Over December of 2011 they rewarded some "power users" with an additional 3Gb for a year. As I use the product on Windows, Android, Linux and MAC (MAC was just a test...), they decided I was a power user and could the additional 3Gb.

Today, it seems everyone with a full referral record, got bumped to 22.2Gb. I found the hint to this on the referral page:

From this page I'm going to assume you can now earn up to 22.25Gb on the Dropbox referral program, giving you a total of 22.25Gb of cloud storage usable on multiple platforms. Lets face it, right now nothing gets close to Dropbox.

But wait, what will Google drop on us hopefully this month? Is this Dropbox showing concern for what is coming?

Regardless, thank you Dropbox! I love your service!


  1. Too bad all my geek friends already have Dropbox. There isn't anybody left to invite!


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