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DropBox & Google Drive & Box & SkyDrive

We currently have a selection of cloud storage providers in world at the moment, and instead of comparing them, I want to explain how I use all at the same time.

Yes, just the quick compare:

ProviderStart StoragePremiumOfficial Free Clients
DropBox2Gb with up to 20Gb from referrals50Gb $9.99/month
100Gb $19.99/month
Windows / Linux / Mac / Android
Google Drive5Gb25Gb $2.49/month
100Gb $4.99/month
Windows / Mac / Android
Box5GbNo individual optionsAndroid / BlackBerry / iPad & iPhone / webOS
SkyDrive7Gb20Gb R84/year
50Gb R210/year
100Gb R419/year
Windows Desktop & Phone / Mac / iPad & iPhone

Now understand, all of them do the job pretty well, and currently DropBox is probably the most popular.

From my point of view, you can use them all at the same time.

On a Windows 7 machine you can install the DropBox, Google Drive and SkyDrive client at the same time and they happily work together.

Use Google Drive for all documents, SkyDrive for backups and DropBox for the rest. Box is very nice for sharing from Android, so that becomes the Android device backups.


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