#PositivelySocial - 365 Days a year

Today is #PositivelySocial Day, I don't know the exact origin but find it an excellent sentiment. The motivation and concept behind #PositivelySocial should not be limited to a day, it should become an online philosophy and a viral one at that. 

When looking at the choice of the words in the Tag Line they are self explanatory 
#POSITIVELY - In a positive way, constructive or affirmative way, with optimism or confidence 
* SOCIAL - relating to society or its organization, Relating to or designed for activities in which people meet each other for pleasure

Today 14 August (6 months after Valentine's Day) has been suggested to promote as #PositivelySocial day on various Social Media Platforms, to bring awareness to internet users in respect of what they post and how they engage and respond when writing a Tweet, blogging, using Facebook or other forms of Social Media.

Thus it would be fair to say that maybe we all should get training on how to be #PositivelySocial, Frank outlines this in his post of today: What It Means to be #PositivelySocial (Aug 14)

He defines the aspects of the movement as:
1.  Respect Others ~ "Do unto others"
2.  Welcome Dialogue on a topic ~ Agree to disagree or debate the issue not the person
3.  Sharing links that live up to being #PositivelySocial - 
4.  Take a stand ~ Stand up for what is right
5.  Truth and facts reign supreme ~ If it can't be proven then don't propagate
6.  Share the Good Too ~ People love a story about a Winner

And although these points might seem mundane, they are quickly forgotten.  All these lessons were taught to us as children and we try to promote them in our children. To become a bully seeking out the weak and laughing at others inabilities or shortcomings is very easy.   

We should treat each and every online person, friend, contact or circle as we would a real friend and family member. We should treat them with respect, consideration, holding them in high regard when commenting or debating any social media post.

We need to learn that what we say or comment has an impact on other people's life's and we should rather ask ourselves "When Did We Get So Nasty?"  - Scott Monty

~ " If you don't have anything positive, or nice  to say , then rather just keep quiet.