Saturday, 8 September 2012

Brainstorm EasySet 3D at IBC 2012

I stopped at the Brainstorm stand for the presentation on the EasySet 3D product. This is a Chroma key studio in a PC with advanced scripting to allow the scripting of a full show using many virtual and 3D elements as part of the show.
The product is a specialized virtual on air studio in a trackless physical studio configuration.

The Brainstorm company has always worked in the 3D market and have many products to complement the broadcast market. The product engine is being used by others to complement their products. The product includes a good library of virtual sets but also the elements of building your own virtual studio. These includes walls, ceilings, floors, backgrounds but then also set pieces. Import from popular 3D applications like Maya and 3D Studios are also possible.

Camera inputs can be cloned allow for some simulated multiple views of the subjects.

A new hardware mixer panel is being launched at IBC 2012 and connects to the PC for a more familiar mixing environment.

External data sources for graphics is possible allow for real time data manipulation into graphics being used in the scene.

For more information visit or the YouTube channel 

ProxMox Unprivileged LXC containers USB Drive

Some quick notes on bind mounting under ProxMox and getting the permissions right. Reference -