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Nikon at IBC 2012

I had time today to stop at the Nikon IBC 2012 stand and here is what I found.

They mainly had the D4 and D800 on display, but they build this turntable in the middle of the stand with a stop animation out of Lego running on it.

By setting the camera frame rate to 25fps, the story unfolds in the viewfinder.

They also have on display this very complete Nikon D4 video configuration. This includes focus follow, stereo audio microphone, external viewfinder and headphones. All mounted on a frame for shoulder shooting.

They also have a Nikon D4 mounted on a full remote system that includes zoom and focus, but also high speed rotation for pointing the camera where you need it.

And by asking very nicely, they gave me a very unique USB stick in the shape of a Nikon camera with a removable Nikkor lense to give access to the USB socket.

Thank you Nikon.

(All images in this story was shot on a Nikon D5100 with Nikon VR 18-55mm Lens)


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