Wednesday, 17 October 2012

5 Top Reasons to have a Social Media Presence

Listed below are my 5 top reasons to have a Social Media Presence for any business. Saying "Everybody has a social media presence and therefor you must also have one" sounds extreme however if you can further promote your business with the potential to engage hundreds of thousands new customers would it not be unwise, not to do so.

1. Cool factor! 

~ Just kidding.  With the evolution of Social Media, not having a business page on a social platform, specifically Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter for example, means that you are missing out on engaging existing and potential customers.  These platforms have "come alive" with a personality of their own and are second to Google-ing or Bing-ing. The platforms are used to search for your business and to get to know more about it. With the present growth rate, not having a social presence is detrimental to your business

2.  Generate extra Traffic:

As mentioned in a previous post a social presence is about driving people to your website, to action them into becoming new customers. In a business to business (B2B) industry you have the potential to get new business leads for current or future endeavors. When looking at the statistics of Facebook the potential to create a new following of customers is astounding.

3. New Branding Possibilities 

With your Social media campaigns you can create a new brand for your business, build on your existing brand or relaunch a new look for your brand. This way you can be seen in the business world and create value to your company. Furthermore you can also do research on how your customers currently see your brand and how you can improve this perception to build your business.  

4. Converse with your Customers

On your Social Media platforms you can manage the reputation of your business with the way in which you interact with customers by listing to their feedback, comments and suggestions speaking to them directly and putting faces to your team in the company, making your business more human. On your page you can create questions, polls or share relevant information and use it as a soundboard or research tool to find out how you can improve your services. And of course you can build on your relationships by listening to your audience and responding to posts from your customers. 

5.  Marketing / Advertising Tool

If you have read all the reasons listed above, this one almost goes without saying. On for example Facebook you can create an advert targeting a distinct group of customers. Most of these options are a paid service but costs to you can be tailored to suit your budget.  There are other free options such as hitting the sweet spot by having created a viral post (instant fame). Other marketing tools which can be implemented are creation of promotions, events, sales, special offers or competitions

They are here to stay so utilize them to your advantage.

If I have left any out, please include them in the comments area below and we can start a conversation about this, it would be great to hear your thoughts.

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