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Multiple Google Drives and Shared Storage

Having personal and company Google Drives have been a nightmare to manage and trying to decide where a file should be, also caused a headache on its own. Also the Google Drive client software only supports 1 account so only one account was being made available offline on my machine.

While doing some research for our company to increase our Google Drive Storage ( ), I figured out that shared storage do not count against your personal storage.

What this means is when somebody shares a folder with you, all the files in that area does not count against your storage allocation. You can access those files and even add to that area without it counting against your personal allocation.

What I then did was created new folders in the two company accounts ( johan@m and johan@t ), shared those with my personal account and moved everything into the respective folders.

While in the web interface, select the shared folder and click the "Add to My Drive" button.

Now when I view my personal Google Drive "My Drive" I see not only my personal files, but also the two company accounts. Further having added them into "My Drive", the Google Drive client software will now also synchronise those areas onto my notebook.

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