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Who Els brings Social Media to you

Why Social Media through Who-Els?

Social Media is the umbrella term used to describe websites where people and businesses can interact on a more relaxed informal social platform and exchange thoughts, ideas and other interesting bit of information.

Social Media’s most well known culprits are Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Your website is your main showcase of products on the internet. The whole reasoning behind Social media is to drive traffic to your website. So by using the platforms mentioned above in specific ways, it results in making your business more visible and increasing awareness of your brand and products. More awareness about your brand and products, when utilized correctly, will lead to more sales of your products.

By creating a Social Presence you are creating a communication platform for clients to exchange ideas and provide feedback on your products. Furthermore you are providing an opportunity for customers reviews to promote your product on your behalf.

Who else can provide you with the professional service of setting up a presence in these Social Media environments. Who else can maintain these pages and presence for you or educate you on how to use the platform.

Who-Els Social Media is an up and coming business with a vested interest in your success.

Your Success is our success!

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Double Bunk in Caravan

With our family expanding, we faced a challenge of adding another berth in our caravan, but I did not want to make it permanent.
A couple of options are available, of which one is simply to add a bunk to the single berth. We however did not want to cause any permanent markings on the interior of the caravan .

Netdata + SNMP + Mikrotik

Always wanted to see my Internet line usage as a gauge without having to log into the router.
So today I configured SNMP in Netdata to collect from my Mikrotik router.
"enable_autodetect": false,
"update_every": 5,
"max_request_size": 100,
"servers": [
"hostname": "",
"community": "public",
"update_every": 5,
"max_request_size": 50,
"options": { "timeout": 20 },
"charts": {
"mikrotik1.cpu": {
"title": "CPU ",
"units": "percentage",
"type": "line",
"family": "cpu",
"dimensions": {
"used": {

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It is possible to build a simple playlist as a rundown in the CasparCG client. It will very simply play each item after each other that are on the same layer. In this very simple post I show how to build such a playlist including the very important step of activating the OSC.

The Open Sound Control (OSC) implementation is how the client knows what the server is doing and then being able to send new command back to the server when a piece of media has ended to trigger playback of the next piece. For more details on the OCS, please see