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die erfenisstigting Jaarlikse Herdenkingsdiens / Annual Commemoration Service

Jaarlikse Herdenkingsdiens by die SA Weermag muur van herinnering / 
Annual Commemoration Service at the SA Defence Force wall of remembrance

26 Mei / May 2013


07h00  Wreath Laying at Freedom Park
08h00  Hys van die nasionale vlag / Hoisting of the national flag
09h00  Gewyde musiek / Solemn music
09h40  Gaste Sit / Guests are seated
09h43  Plasing van baniere / Placing of banners
09h48  Pos van skildwagte / Posting of sentries
09h55  Aankondigings / Announcements: Maj. T.J. Lane
10h00  Verbyvlug / Fly past
10h02  Verwelkoming / Words of welcome: Maj. Gen. G.N. Opperman, SD, SM, MMM (Rtd)
10h07  Gedenkdiens / Memorial service: Genl-maj. (Ds) J.H.J. de Witt, SD, SM, MMM
  • Votum / Invocation
  • Lied / Hymn
  • Gebed / Prayer (Mans staan, verwyder hoffdeksels / Men stand, remove headdress)
  • Skriflesing / Scripture reading
  • Oordenking / Sermon
  • Lied / Hymn
  • Seënbede / Benediction
10h25  Herdenking / Remembrance
  • Vlagordonnans ontplooi / Flag orderly takes up position
  • Verbyvlug / Fly past
  • Laaste taptoe (Salueer) / Last post (Salute)
  • Stilte van twee minute / Two minute silence
  • Oggendsinjaal / Reveille
  • Verbyvlug / Fly Past
10h40  Kranslegging en afsluiting / Wreath laying and conclusion
  • Volgorde sal aangekondig word / Sequence will be announced
  • Volkslied / The National Anthem
  • Onttrekking van skildwagte / Withdrawal of sentries
  • Ontrekking van baniere / Withdrawal of banners
  • Ontrekking van gaste / Withdrawal of guests
  • Onthulling van die Infanterie Gedenkpaneel / Unveiling of the Infantry Commemorative Plaque

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