Tuesday, 30 July 2013

South African Mobile Data Rates

Very quick look on the websites, and created this spreadsheet. Please check pricing before committing as I could have made a mistake.

ProviderAnytime MBAfter hours MbPriceOOBAnytime in-bundle rateIn-bundleTerms
Vodacom500500R 39.00R 0.08R 0.0424 Months
Cell C500R 39.00R 0.15R 0.08R 0.0812 Months
MTN500R 49.00R 0.38R 0.10R 0.1024 Months
Telkom Mobile750R 49.00R 0.07R 0.0724 Months on TM network
Vodacom10241024R 69.00R 0.07R 0.0324 Months
Cell C1024R 69.00R 0.15R 0.07R 0.0712 Months
Telkom Mobile500R 69.00R 1.00R 0.14R 0.14Prepaid on TM network
Telkom Mobile1536R 69.00R 0.04R 0.0424 Months on TM network
MTN1024R 79.00R 0.29R 0.08R 0.0824 Months
Telkom Mobile500R 95.00R 1.00R 0.19R 0.19Prepaid
Vodacom20482048R 99.00R 0.05R 0.0224 Months
Vodacom500R 99.00R 0.20R 0.20Prepaid + promotion
Cell C2048R 99.00R 0.15R 0.05R 0.0524 Months
MTN2048R 119.00R 0.29R 0.06R 0.0624 Months
Telkom Mobile1024R 119.00R 1.00R 0.12R 0.12Prepaid on TM network
Telkom Mobile3072R 119.00R 0.04R 0.0424 Months on TM network
Telkom Mobile500R 125.00R 0.25R 0.2524 Months
Vodacom1024R 149.00R 0.15R 0.15Prepaid + promotion
MTN300R 149.00R 0.50R 0.50R 0.5024 Months
Telkom Mobile20481024R 149.00R 1.00R 0.07R 0.05Prepaid on TM network

For a complete view visit http://goo.gl/oaZPBD

From the complete list, the Telkom Mobile 60Gb +60Gb deal looks the best value for money, but at a charge of R1800 and only on the Telkom Mobile network which still lacks some coverage.

The Vodacom 2Gb+2Gb deal at R99 is the next best affordable option.

All deals are excluding devices and some excludes LTE access.

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