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Very Quick CasparCG Playout

Very quick way to get a CasparCG going.

Step 1: Download

Download the server and client from

Step 2: Unzip

Unzip them both as the same location

Step 3: Start the server

Launch the CasparCG_Server.exe inside the Server folder. You should get 2 windows. "Screen consumer" which is your default output and "CasparCG Frontend" which is the interface. Accept the normal Windows Firewall alerts and questions.

Nelson Mandela Google Doodle

Today marks the birthday of the late Nelson Mandela. On this day everyone pays tribute and Google is doing this with the Doodle today. This one slide forms part of the slideshow.

Nelson Mandela was instrumental in the history of Mindset Network ( ) as he opened the first television channel for us onto DSTV.

At this launch event he said:

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world and Mindset Network is a powerful part of that world changing arsenal. I would now like to make a presentation to two very deserving schools. I will be presenting a Mindset Network receiving kit so that these schools will be able to receive the education channel Activate which currently runs twelve hours each day." - Nelson Mandela
Since then many more schools have access to Mindset Learn ( ) and the channel broadcasts 24/7/365.
We are proud of what we are doing, and I also want to say thank you to an iconic man.
Johan Els C…

Vehicle Stickers

Now why do we not get something that says what we want to say... I do not like the stick figures... I want to say what I want to say...

Left: "My other ride is the Millennium Falcon" Centre: "" Right: "I dock at the USS Enterprise"
Order yours now...

Motor Vehicle License Discs

Why use the post office or the glass shop license disc sticker? Why not make your own?

Laerskool Rooihuiskraal Junior Netbal Meriete Aand

Die geleentheid het erkening verleen aan al die kleinkies se harde werk die jaar. Die reels rondom junior netbal het sodanig verander dat die dogters nie speel vir punte nie, maar om grodslag daar te stel om in die toekoms deel te kan neem.

Die junior netbal is vir die ouderdomme o/7, o/8 en o/9, en die jaar het die grootste groep nog gesien.

Almal het 'n sertifikaat van deelname ontvang.

Ons is trots op die dogters en wens hulle alle voorspoed toe vir volgende seisoen.

Volledige foto album hier...

Custom Coffee Mugs and Mousepads

Quick affordable custom coffee mugs for any occasion.

Simply take an A4 white page, divide it into three sections in the length and you have the template. Now you can do anything in full colour in those sections, and we can transfer it onto a quality coffee mug.

Now simply add another A4 page, and we can transfer that onto a rubber mousepad.

Apple ProRes to Windows

If you have ever tried to work with ProRes files in Windows, you should know it is impossible. Apple says you need QuickTime, and QuickTime says you need a codec. We have Rhozet Carbon Coder at the office, and even this doesn't work.

FFMedia Broadcast does convert these files.

Download the application and use the normal FFMPEG commands to convert the files.

Annual Commemoration Service at the SA Defence Force Wall of Remembrance


Die SAW Muur van Herinnering is met vergunning van die Direksie van die Voortrekkermonument en Natuurreservaat (VTM), ’n maatskappy sonder winsmotief, opgerig. Dit is moontlik gemaak deur privaat skenkings en fisiese bydraes. Geen staatsgeld is daarvoor gebruik nie.

Die Muur is opgerig om erkenning te gee aan lede van die SAW wat gedurende die tydperk 31 Mei 1961 (Republiekwording) tot 27 April 1994 (totstandkoming van die SANW) hul lewens in diens van die land gegee het. Persone wie se name met ‘n asterisk gemerk is, is gedood in operasionele omstandighede. Die naamlys sal jaarliks aangevul word om voorsiening te maak vir moontlike regstellings en toevoegings.

Die volle raad van die Tshwane Metro Munispaliteit het die oorplasing van die Troepie-standbeeld vanaf Fort Klapperkop na die SAW Muur van Herinnering goedgekeur en hulle word opreg daarvoor bedank. By die diens van 2014 word daar ook ’n spesiale granietpaneel onthul om hulde te bring aan die…

Cassinga Day 4 May 2014

Airborne Forces Remembrance Day Parade

"Show me a man who will jump out of an airplane and I'll show you a man who will flight." - Gen James Gavin

SA Museum of Military History - Jhb


Guests to be seated
Banner sergeant to place banner — A Leece
Welcome - MC Manie Grove
Service - Jumpmaster Sean McDonough Guest Speaker — Lt Anthony Modena Last Post (all with head gear to salute)
2 minutes silence
Wreath laying ceremony
Thanks Banner Sergeant removes the banner
Group Photos TEA
The Service:



Heavenly Father, King of the world  I know that all things are in your hands Whatever happens to me.

As a paratrooper
I am prepared to suffer hardship.
I am ready to endure danger and unrest, Pain and hurt.
I am willing to be hungry and thirsty.
I am prepared to face the enemy fearlessly.  Lord, I am weak.
I cannot depend on my own strength.
I do not want to trust in my own abilities.

Lord, my God,


Last nigh, during the last show of Let's Talk Geek, Jan mentioned an online storage cloud service that was different. Different in the sense this one does not have to synchronise to your local machine to be usable, it can live in the cloud and becomes a drive letter our mount.

Bitcasa installs on Windows 8.1 as a tray icon application, but then you have a new drive letter in My Computer which is the online storage.

You can then decide what to sync locally, but at least the online files can be opened directly by normal software.

But the deal breaker is mirror any folder anywhere into Bitcasa. Simply right click and Bitcasa is part of the extended options and you can select to mirror that folder. The mirror option is not available for network shares, however you can still "Copy this to Bitcasa" which makes a cache copy on your machine, and then copies the files into Bitcasa.

The free account starts on 5Gb, and installing the desktop and mobile applications gets you another…