Sunday, 4 May 2014

Cassinga Day 4 May 2014

Airborne Forces Remembrance Day Parade

"Show me a man who will jump out of an airplane and I'll show you a man who will flight." - Gen James Gavin

SA Museum of Military History - Jhb


Guests to be seated
Banner sergeant to place banner — A Leece
Welcome - MC Manie Grove
Service - Jumpmaster Sean McDonough
Guest Speaker — Lt Anthony Modena
Last Post (all with head gear to salute)
2 minutes silence
Wreath laying ceremony
Banner Sergeant removes the banner
Group Photos

The Service:



Heavenly Father, King of the world 
I know that all things are in your hands
Whatever happens to me.

As a paratrooper
I am prepared to suffer hardship.
I am ready to endure danger and unrest,
Pain and hurt.
I am willing to be hungry and thirsty.
I am prepared to face the enemy fearlessly. 
Lord, I am weak.
I cannot depend on my own strength.
I do not want to trust in my own abilities.

Lord, my God,
Let me trust in you alone.
Give me courage and strength,
And, above all, faith
To do my work fearlessly — Always. AMEN

Reading of the names:

Code of honour:

I am a proud and fully pledged member of this Parachute Battalion, I am a member of a unit, which is second to none in the world.

I promise to serve my country and my nation at all times with pride and loyalty.

I promise to wear the insignia of my unit with pride and distinction and to conduct myself at all times as is require of a paratrooper. :

During battle I am first and foremost a paratrooper and promise to behave as such even if the enemy by far outnumbers us.

I pledge the highest sacrifice to my country should it be expected of me.

I believe in myself, I believe in my‘unit, I believe in my country and, above all, I believe in God.


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