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Flow diagram Software

Flow diagram Software

I went "a hunting" on the internet this morning for free online flow diagram tool-software that I could use. Admittedly the closest interaction I have ever had with flow diagrams is looking at them with a puzzled expression trying not to use my finger to trace the yes, no, if this then that.

And thus I came across -> (as far as I have used it) It seems to be a Free, online flow diagram program which seems to integrate into the Google Drive Suite of software, you can also specify if the file is to be saved to Google Drive or DropBox.

The user interface is extremely easy to operate, it works on a drag and drop principle. it has a "gazillion" flow chart shapes you can use, and if you know your HTML etc you can even design your own.

Regrettably due to my meager knowledge I am unable to say without a doubt - but there are shapes which are "industry" specific - iOS6, iOS7, Android, BPMN General, Gateways, Events.

The layout as previously stated closely resembles that of the Google Docs Suite of applications and the designing of the diagram is quite intuitive. There are several options to customize the layout and personalize the end result of the diagram. Images can also be added to the layout and integrated as one of the shapes.

I have transformed my "flow diagram / chart" into a mind map seeing as it is better suited to what I am trying to achieve.

I would seriously recommend this to novices as well as .... masters

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