Sunday, 24 May 2015

Forest Rats vs Northgate Grizzlies (Development) Ice Hockey

Forest Rats vs Northgate Grizzlies (Development) Ice Hockey as part of the Joost van der Westhuizen J9 Foundation fundraiser. The game was played at The Ice Rink at Foresthill City Mall, Centurion.

Motor Neuron Disease is a fatal disease where your nerve cells (neurons) that control everything in your body deteriorate and die. This disease can happen to anybody at any time, as we have witnessed with Joost van der Westhuizen, an international rugby icon and legend.

What very Few people know is that Joost and Amor’s son, Jordan (number 9 for the Northgate Grizzlies) plays ice hockey. This sport is very near and dear to my heart. With all this in mind, we approached the J9 foundation to do this fundraiser to support this worthy cause.

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