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DIY Ice Hockey Drying Rack

Coming back late on a Thursday night after Ice Hockey practice, one tends to not want to hassle with hanging out the kit to dry out.

But then when you open that bag the next morning, the dogs run crying!

I decided we have to make a plan to make it quick and easy to get this done.

Off to Builders, I bought:
  • 12x 50mm T junctions
  • 4x 50mm L bends
  • 4x 50mm angled junctions
  • 12 x 50mm end caps
  • 4x 2m 50mm pipes
  • PVC weld
Now cut from the pipes:
  • 26x 200mm lengths (4.4m)
  • 4x 150mm lengths (0.6m)
  • 2x lengths to fit the base together
  • 4x lengths for the angled junctions
Now this is not an exact science, and I'm not going to make it out to be. Also the 2m lengths from Builders, are not all 2m long. Jut keep the off cuts and use them to fill the gaps.

I put it all together from the top down and do not glue anything in place yet. Mine was strong enough to carry an adult kit for a couple of days.

I used a rubber mallet to make sure everything fits securely.

Cut the last two pieces on the floor to make the two side fit neatly. You should notice four uprights. This is for a pair of skates and a pair of roller blades.

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