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YouTube Video of the Week: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer (Official)

This weeks video choice was easy... Very easy... From a galaxy far far away...

MathJax on Blogger Cheatsheet

1. Placement
$\sum_{i=0}^n i^2 = \frac{(n^2+n)(2n+1)}{6}$ will generate the formula inline \(\sum_{i=0}^n i^2 = \frac{(n^2+n)(2n+1)}{6}\) of a paragraph, where $$\sum_{i=0}^n i^2 = \frac{(n^2+n)(2n+1)}{6}$$ will render the formula as a seperate image $$\sum_{i=0}^n i^2 = \frac{(n^2+n)(2n+1)}{6}$$ and not inline to the paragraph.

2. Greek letters
For Greek letters, use
$\alpha$ \(\alpha\)$\beta$ \(\beta\)$\delta$ \(\delta\) or $\Delta$ \(\Delta\)$\gamma$ \(\gamma\) or $\Gamma$ \(\Gamma\)$\ldots$ \(\ldots\)$\omega$ \(\omega\) or $\Omega$ \(\Omega\)
3. Superscripts and subscripts

For superscripts and subscripts, use ^ and _.
$x_i^2$ \(x_i^2\)$\log_2x$ \(\log_2x\)
4. Grouping

Superscripts, subscripts, and other operations apply only to the next “group”. A “group” is either a single symbol, or any formula surrounded by curly braces {…}.

If you do $10^10$, you will get a surprise: \(10^10\). But 10^{10} gives what you probably wanted: \(10^{1-}\).

Use curly braces to delimit a formula to whi…

Hilversum Aktief Dag

All photos available here here

YouTube Video of the Week: Unity Adam demo - the full film

Unity has come a very long way and this shows how real-time render can use many features.

Unity still forms one of the best platforms to get into 3D world generation simply because they offer free solutions for beginners.

Enjoy the video.

MacBook Pro and NEC 3d Projector

For a couple of years, I've been battling to get 3D projection to work well on a MacBook Pro.

I recently found a little application called Disable Monitor ( ). This little apps main purpose is to be able to switch monitors on and off on your Mac making the display card available for one screen at a time.

YouTube Video of the Week: Dolby Presents Escape

IBC Survival Guide

With IBC 2017 ( ) around the corner and this my 7th attendance as a normal free visitor, I thought I would share some quick survival notes.

Now I'm not saying I'm any expert but hope this helps someone.

1. Walking Shoes:

Everyone finds this funny, but you will be doing more than 15km per day per foot. The Amsterdam RAI is bigger than you think.

Do yourself a favour and pack walking shoes no matter what they look like.

You will see a number of business men in suits wearing sneakers while at the Exhibition.

Poor Mans Stream Switcher Server

So you need to switch from a constant stream into a live event automatically.

Let us say you have a channel stream coming from one location and want to insert live events into the stream without to much manual intervention, this should do it but still needs some testing.

I'm using HLS because seems it is the easiest to get showing on a page and mobile. Use video.js and the documentation is good. For test playback I'm simply going to use VLC desktop app.

I also figured out that CVLC removes the *.m3u8 file if it cannot find an input, but does not die if set in loop.

I will be using what we can get out of the Linux distros to keep setup easy and quick.

We are going to use:
crtmpservercvlcapache First get everything installed.

Output Glances onto a headless server

So you have a headless Ubuntu server, but it does have a screen? How do you output Glances to the screen without connecting a keyboard?

First wake the screen up
sudo sh -c 'echo -ne "\033[9;0]" >/dev/tty0'
and now send Glances to it

sudo sh -c 'glances > /dev/tty0'
Drop this inside a screen and it will keep running when you disconnect.

Ionic Creator onto an Apple Device using a Mac

Create your app on Ionic Creator website ( )

Use the export to download the ZIP file.

Drop to Terminal.

Move to your development folder.

ionic start --v1 [project name]
cd [project name]
mv www
mkdir www
cd www
unzip [ionic] .
mv ../scss/ ../scss/
cp SCSS-MOVEME/ ../scss/
cd ..
npm installnpm install @ionic/cloud-angular --save
cp node_modules/@ionic/cloud/dist/bundle/ www/lib

cp [Splash Screen.png] resources/splash.png
cp [App Icon.png] resources/icon.png
ionic resources --icon
ionic resources --splash

If you are using the YouTube in Creator, add <allow-navigation href="*://**"> after <access origin="*"> in config.xml to include iFrames for YouTube videos.

ionic serve
ionic emulate ios

open platforms/ios/[project name].xcodeproj/

The Matrix is old enough to watch The Matrix

"The Matrix" released today in 1999 was Keanu Reeves playing the roll of a human stuck inside a world that does not exist.

This iconic movie hit the cinemas with a R rating, making it not suitable for anyone under 18.

Well, today "The Matrix" turns 18 and can now go watch "The Matrix".

Happy birthday "The Matrix"!!!