Thursday, 27 December 2018

Imax vs Dolby Vision

I was asked over the holiday which is the better one, IMAX® and Dolby Cinema™. I'm not going to compare 3D options in these two, but let's look at what you can expect from your money. In both cases, the experience is being managed and guaranteed by the license holder, so you are guaranteed a good experience regardless.

I'm also going to compare two versions of IMAX® because they have been around for a while and this means you could end up in a film version of the cinema. The Dolby™cinemas are newer and are a partnership with Christie, so they are digital.

IMAX® 70mm FilmIMAX® with LaserDolby Cinema™
Projection65mm Film (12K)
35mm Film (6K)
2x 4K Laser Eastman Kodak (4K)
2x 4K Laser Eastman Kodak
with half pixel split (8K)
2x 4K Laser Christie 6P
Aspect Ratio1.43:1 or 2:11.43:1 or 2:12.20:1
Screen width36 or wider36m or wider14m or wider
Frames Per Second24fps60fps48fps
Color Gamut/SpaceRec. 2020Rec. 2020
Contrast Ratio2500:1 contrast 5000:1 contrast5000:1 contrast
Audio Channels71264

So in summary, when they both show you their promo video before the movie...

I do believe the white dot showing black in Dolby Cinema™, just wins for me...

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