Monday, 21 January 2019

MacOS OCR and translate in console

Had received a purple envelope from with some important information of the 30%, so needed to get this into English.

Made for a good reason to figure this process out.

So it looks like Tesseract-OCR is the best Open Source OCR package I could find and the whole project is at and it credits Google as the developer at

For the translation we will use the Translate Shell, found at This lovely little script supports a number of translation engines, so one of them should work for you.

1. Scan the letter.

Many options here, so not going to waste time on how to get this done. Just if you have a text option and go for 300DPI. We need TIFF on the other end, so if you can get TIFF, just do that.

2. Install the software

brew install tesseract

brew install translate-shell

3. Run the software

tesseract input.tiff output

trans -i output.txt

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Ijshockey Nederland 2018/2019 Kalender

All the games scheduled as they appear on the Ijshockey Nederland website.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

MacOS Combine PDF's Documents

Combining multiple PDF documents on MacOS is included with MacOS.

Turns out Apple included an Automator script for "Combine PDF Pages" with the OS and a Python script in the same folder.

So from terminal, you simply call the Python script and supply the output file (-o) with the input files.

/System/Library/Automator/Combine\ PDF\ Pages.action/Contents/Resources/ -o {output.pdf} {input1.pdf} {input2.pdf} {input3.pdf} {...}

A lot simpler and quicker than some other solutions.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Linux Unlimited Storage Folder using G Suite (Beta)

Building a simple folder on your Linux server with unlimited cloud storage behind it. I will explain the basic concepts used and some guidelines on how to make it all work.

Basic concept

You will have /mnt/gdrivemount

And /mnt/gdrivewrite

And then UnionFS to combine the two into /mnt/gdriveunionfs/

Now, because Google Cloud Drive API limits the amount of requests per seconds, it is suggested that you add a cache into path to help limit these requests, so the /mnt/gdrivemount changes to

To be able to control what and when files are actually moved from your disk storage into the cloud storage, you will control the move to cloud process.

ProxMox Unprivileged LXC containers USB Drive

Some quick notes on bind mounting under ProxMox and getting the permissions right. Reference -